New Americans in Corpus Christi

New American Economy
Date of Publication: 
April, 2018
Source Organization: 
New American Economy

Immigrant households in Corpus Christi earned $678.7 million in total income in 2016 and held $514.3 million in spending power, according to a new research brief released by New American Economy (NAE) in partnership with United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce (UCCCC).

In addition to the impressive earning and spending power of Corpus Christi’s immigrant population, the New Americans in Corpus Christi analyzes the tax contributions, labor force participation, and educational attainment of the city’s foreign-born residents. The report also highlights the notable entrepreneurship rate among immigrants in Corpus Christi. Despite making up just 8.5% of the overall population, immigrants represented 19.7% of entrepreneurs in the city in 2016, and were twice as likely to be business owners as people born in the United States.

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