Welcoming Economies Playbook: Strategies for Building an Inclusive Local Economy

Welcoming America & Global Detroit
Date of Publication: 
August, 2018
Source Organization: 
Welcoming America

Immigrants and refugees are helping to spur local economic growth as workers, homebuyers and entrepreneurs. But while they bring many assets to their new communities, they face numerous challenges when trying to integrate economically. This jointly produced publication from Welcoming America and Global Detroit, Welcoming Economies Playbook, looks at examples from across the country of promising projects designed to unlock the local economic potential of immigrants in various industries. The Guide urges organizations to develop an inclusive and welcoming approach, which might have the following features:  partnering with trusted organizations, providing relevant content in multiple languages, and developing stronger relationships with contacts and customers. The authors highlight programs designed to address five economic development areas: working-class newcomers, foreign-born professionals, entrepreneurship, homeownership and agriculture. For example, the guide notes how supporting high-skilled foreign-born talent can be a catalyst for economic development, creating opportunities for all Americans. To better address the needs of high-skilled immigrants, the guide recommends several programs like the Halifax Connector Program, which refers immigrant talent to local employers, enabling immigrants to overcome the weakness of their networks. Replicable models like these can be a great benefit to employers and municipalities looking to expand their reach by including immigrants and refugees in economic development strategies. (Elizabeth Portaluppi for The Immigrant Learning Center’s Public Education Institute)

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